Friday, November 7, 2008

Getting Over The Pain

Well hello there, that is if there is still anyone out there that reads this blog. I wanted to tell you if not warn you that you must get over pain for food and fitness.
This will be hard depending on the specific type of pain you are dealing with but I say this so that you will not medicate but exercise if you haven't already then eat. Once you have done this reevaluate your pain then proceed with your day.

Examples I know you want them so here they are:
Running will help you if you have a headache by increasing the blood flow to the brain much like caffeine will thin the blood helping it to get to the brain faster which I do Not recommend.
Eating will help a headache as well but you will not feel like doing these things which makes it that much harder.

Muscle pain can be remedied as well if you are hurting do to a pull or sprain then you best take it easy. Otherwise you will want to proceed with an exercise that indirectly benefits the pain. then you may take a warm bath that will relax all you muscles.
One thing that you will want to remember is that contracted muscles burn fat the more you can contract the more fat you will burn.

No get out there and do your workout and have a great weekend.

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