Friday, November 21, 2008

Whats In Your Gut?

Do you wonder what is in your gut? Or how you can remove it? 
Chances are you have, well let me tell you a little bit about the good and the bad bacteria in your gut.
Yes! There is such a thing as "good bacteria" but because so much of what we see or hear of is bad bacteria the good tends to be guilty by association. This should not be the case, as a matter of fact if you had enough good bacteria in your gut there would be a lot less bad bacteria to kill in your whole body.
One cannot survive where the other one thrives, this is to say when you build up the good bacteria in your gut it will usher out the bad. Preventing sickness, bad skin, stomach acid, and weight gain. It will aid in digestion, regularity, energy, weight loss and over all good health. I know this maybe a little much to understand I feel like I spend a lot of time convincing people of this when it should be common knowledge. Medically speaking it is over looked and because of that and other factors of course, it is not widely known and or reported.

The truth is you have bad bacteria in your gut and it is making you fat, unhealthy and cranky. It can also cause leaky gut or LGS which lets toxins and bad bacteria leach into the blood stream cause high blood pressure, cholesterol, and artery disfunction. So what can you do?

Start eating as much good bacteria as possible:
-sour kraut
-lacto-fermented beverages and foods
-raw grass fed milk and kefir
-raw grass fed dairy and yogurt
-you can also take a simple supplement to aid in this process learn moreClick Here

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