Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Passion For Health

This weekend I learned a lot about myself through my church's membership class. I enjoyed the class much more than I thought I would, but only because I don't like talking to people about my feelings. Its a right of passage for men only, sorry ladies. 
Anyway through this class we did a passion assessment, this where I truly feel I have made some steps in the right direction.
I learned that I really love what I do (biblical health and personal training) I love it so much I have become very passionate about it. I want to make sure that set the record straight as to why I am so passionate. Because I love to see people change their lives and I love being a part of it. I know this sounds very cliche' but it is the truth.

It is even more relevant than I knew before because of the biblical health aspect. This is true for the simple fact that you can't have true change unless you surrender to Christ. This is as much true in your life as it is in mine.
God is love and love is real, this is the difference between what I do and anything else you may  find out there in the "fitness world". I am and will always be invested in the relationship, for the sole reason of Gods love.
I would love to talk to you about this on a personal level so that I can explain more how Christ and health are so important for your life. 

I will tell you that being healthy is one thing but living up to Gods standards for health is much more beneficial because He does things with excellence.
I will say it like this, serving God with your health is just another way for you to be vessel to be worked through and to be ministered to. A vessel that is perfect to look at but most importantly holds the Living water.
Another tool in your spiritual tool box!

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