Monday, May 11, 2009

Makers Diet

Well I am here at the end of the second week of phase 1 and will be starting phase 2 on Wed. Which has me very excited, for the simple fact that I can have sweet potatoes and bananas.

So far I have lost 12 pounds! This is amazing considering I haven't changed my frequency of eating at all. I have been doing a fast day which is pretty difficult to do by yourself, grab a partner to do this with you as it will make it easier. I have come to love goat cheeses and really like goat milk. But the most success I have is the fact that not only do I recover from workouts faster but my skin looks great and my muscles are becoming more defined.

An example of a one day would be this:
3 grass fed/ free range eggs
2 pieces of Applegate farms turkey bacon
Spinach and avocado salad with grilled chicken
Berries (raspberries, strawberries and blue berries)
Berries in goats milk yogurt
Turkey burgers on the grill in a lettuce wrap with avocado tomato and mustard
and berries

In the morning I have a berry smoothy with eggs goatein and goats milk kefir. I also add in some perfect meal and primal defense.

This is just an example of what you can do on the fist phase of the makers diet I hope you find this informative and are looking to experience this lifestyle for yourself.
You will never be the same again!

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