Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vitamin Water Is NOT Healthy!

I really get tired of seeing these so called health foods displayed on TV or on marketing ads in gyms or health clubs. They are all lies!
Flip over your bottle and read the labels, you will find things like crystalline fructose, erythritol, just to name a few. These products contain aresenic also found in cigarettes, heavy metals that can cause your body to store nutrients otherwise digested. There are to many reasons to not drink this elixir, and the reasons to drink are all fluff. If you truly have a health food product you shouldn't have to spend mega millions to promote it, it will promote itself.

Coke owns the vitamin water company and is in the middle of a law suit for calling the beverage a health food. Which I think is due them, maybe now we can get other companies to make their products better or remove them all together.

Vitamin water is not much different than drinking soda, gatorade or other sports drinks, they are full of sugars in many different forms. Not to mention all of the chemicals for preservation, then there are the added colors and flavors.

Nothing will replace water for helping your body stay hydrated and to naturally break down foods and chemicals in the body. And if you are looking for electrolytes try coconut water, it has 15 times the electrolyte content than any sports drink on the market.

Now go read your labels!


Anonymous said...

so glad that you have said this. Our nations children are obese from drinking vitamin water/gatorade drinks that they think and are being told are healthy, when they're nothing but high fructose corn sugar.

Stick with the natural juices, like O.N.E. Coconut Water, all natural and very low in calories.

Samantha Killheffer said...

Vitamin Water IS healthier than soda and gatorade/sports drinks, and does not have as much sugar as either of those products. I am not saying that it is the be- all/end-all in healthi-ER drinks, but it is not BAD for you, at all. And you can always get the lowered calorie versions - which taste virtually the same. I love the stuff, water - vitamins - a little sugar - great fruit flavors - witty labels, what more can you ask for. I was SUPER disappointed when Coke bought out Glauceau. But I'm sure they made them an offer they couldn't refuse. I LOVE Vitamin Water and don't promote it to anyone for anything that it isn't; except a great tasting beverage, that happens to have some vitamins in it and less sugar than many other alternatives. Better than soda, better than Gatorade, and many more refreshing and vitamin/fruit based flavors to choose from, depending how I feel. Don't knock my fave stuff. No one is trying to say that it is a health food (or maybe Coke is, but that's Coke for you) just a good drink that offers some vitamins, LESS sugar, and many flavors. I love it, no one will change my mind - my new flavor ideas - Apricot/Coconut, Lychee/Starfruit, or some thing that uses Blood Orange - maybe B.Orange Sangria...
BTW - Natural juices have WAY more calories, and WAY more sugar, even if it is simple sugars. They're good for you, but definitely heavier in those areas - sorry. Go Vitamin Water!!
- Samantha Killheffer

Terry Barga said...

Vitamin water may rank higher in your mind than actual sodas but your premise is off. The premise that low calories equals good for you is way out of line. We count content over calories, if you trace back the origin of the "vitamins" in this drink then you find they are synthetic and not easily assimilated into the body.

The more synthetic things you consume the more your body will think you are trying to starve it and your body will store this and other foods even the healthier ones. When this happens you will have more problems than just weight gain or loss to deal with.

It's not now, nor will it ever be about the calories over the content. You must know what you are eating and where it comes from. This will give you insight to where your body and it's health it headed.

Thanks for the comment!