Monday, May 18, 2009

Makers Diet

I am nearly there! The diet is almost through, it has been a renewing process but I am ready for some raw milk. The diet has helped me a great deal by dropping 15 pounds now and getting better results with my work outs. My sleep has been amazing and I have really shinny hair. One other thing is the fact that bowel movements are far less time consuming and cleaner, I know this is something that you maybe don't want to know but your stole will tell you how healthy you are. So go well and go often!

I say the diet is almost over because I consume food at the Makers Diet phase 3 level or a regular basis. So my time is coming to close after my last fast day on sunday. Fasting has been a process that I have not be all that excited about but it was not bad at all and actually got a lot better as time went on. It started out being pretty rough but I am doing well with the fast now.

I hope through my experiment that you want to join me in practicing the makers diet. You will be happy you did and if you do then you will notice some considerable changes. Oh yeah! Its free!! Many diet programs out there are very expensive and teach you nothing but this diet is a new way of life. The diet has been very informative and I have learned a ton about food and even more about my body. It seems as though I learn something new every time I try the diet, its really quite interesting. If you have any questions click on contact and I will help you any way I can. Thanks for reading!

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