Friday, May 29, 2009

Enough Greens?

If you know anything about diet, then you know that getting your greens is a vital part of optimal health. But how much is enough? Well one thing I would not do is trust the food pyramid or the FDA. This is because it is impossible to over due your vegetable intake, I mean you can get close but your body digests raw and lightly cooked greens really fast. This means you will use it as energy faster than you would with any other food out there. Crazy huh?

If you are eating a good amount of greens then you are likely feeling some great effects from this part of your diet. Energy, better sleep, and a naturally detoxifying effect that can only be summed up as green stole. By a "good amount" I mean greens with every meal and maybe even a green supplement like perfect food powder of capsules. These are things that I use to help fill in the gap of green.

If you are not getting enough greens in your diet your body will be generally sluggish do to the increased digest time of other foods. These other foods may be rich in other great vitamins as well as proteins but they need to be balanced with a fair amount of greens. Besides that I think it is possible to over due protein and definitely carbs in the form or pastas and bread. Keep it balanced with a large amount of greens and eat your way thin through a constant detox process.

Add to this by eliminating bad oils like vegetable oil, soy oil, refined white flour and sugar, as well as dairy then add water and you are on your way to the optimal health. Not to mention you will be feeling pretty great because you are eating for life, not living to eat. Reinvent your tastes by refining what your body craves by ingesting things that your body needs!

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