Monday, June 1, 2009

The Spiritual Side

I have spent some time with a few friends this week and I hear things that make me ask "what I am I doing with my life?" Its seems that we as Christ followers spend a lot of time asking God for help, and thats ok but maybe we should be asking Him "what can I do to serve you?"

As People we naturally want a job or relationship that is full filling, I think this is only human of us. But the problem lies in the obsession over why it isn't happening right now. We serve a great and mighty God who has already said that you are worth more than the sparrows, and that we will judge angels in heaven. Why do we forget who we are? Children of the only living God, set a part by His love and grace. Where is the peace? Why so much pain when the God we serve loves us?

I know what refining feels like, when you are limited in what you can do about your circumstances and you want out or you need love or money. I know what it feels like, but this is the refining process and the fact that we are loved enough to be refined is an honor. God will never give you more than you can handle, but more so you have Him to fall into. Whether it be to fall in love, or you need peace, or you have no direction what so ever. Let Christ be who you need Him to be, and remember why you are hear or better yet why He died for you. He loves us, unconditionally, and will never stop caring. There is so much peace in that if you just sit and think about it, real peace not peace like you hear in the movies or from dignitaries. The very definition or the word points to God, and He deserves our trust.

In the area of love, if you can't love the Lord like no other than this could be a reason that your time hasn't come. Let Christ love you and love Him in return stop spending so much time wanting something you already have. Show Him you that you love Him by never doubting that He has you. Are you romantic with your love for Christ? Let Him in, I mean really let Him in, change what you have to change to get closer to your Savior.

This leads me to self analysis, which is what I need to do a lot. Asking God what I am doing that is coming in between us, then ask Him to guide me as to how and remove it from my life. God is good and wants to be closer to you so why not ask Him to help you see what is holding you back instead of being angry and asking "why can't I have what so and so has?" If you do this be ready for it to be revealed and receive it with an open heart, because your life is about to change.

I hope this helps some people out there, I felt the Lord tugging on my heart for this for 2 days so here it is. I know you may not think that this has a lot to do with personal training but it has everything to do with whole health and that IS what I do. I want to help you where ever it is that you are how ever Christ allows me to do so, I am grateful for the opportunity to do so and will, where ever I can.

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