Friday, June 5, 2009

Addicted To Fitness

There are only a few things that are Ok to be addicted to: Bible, Family and Fitness. In that order of course! Being addicted to fitness is what I want to address today.

Having an affective fitness routine is very beneficial but only if you can pull it off everyday. A successful way to make this happen is to have a trainer. And no this isn't a plug for personal training...Ok wait, maybe it is but not without good reason. You see having a trainer will motivate you to accomplish your goals in a timely manner. Depending on your goals a trainer can get you addicted to a healthy fitness regiment by pushing you past your perceptions. If you can do this for long enough you will see benefits as well as results that will become your fuel.

If motivation is what you need then you can find it in a trainer, but don't depend on a trainer have a goal to start taking the leadership reigns from your trainer in due time. This is what I do with my clients, my goal is to get them addicted to fitness but also educate them to understand what the foods are doing to their bodies. I have had much success with this style of training and I am enjoying watching my clients get to their goals with excitement and results.

So if you are thinking about losing weight, sports training, muscle toning or nutrition counseling please let me know and I will accommodate you any way I can.

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