Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Optimal Health

Optimal health is an amazing thing to strive for and it can be down if you are tremendously disciplined, and you have the resources to make it happen. Some of the resources are money, time and of course the right information. I have people who come to me and say "I eat really good" or "I feel like my eating is great" or "I don't need help at all with diet at all" the last one is the worst one. If you are one of these people then you need to realize that we all can eat better even me!

This is a common misconception among many clients and trainers alike, strictness is just that stripping down and committing to a whole no way of eating. You can do this to detox, lose weight or to gain the cut and muscle definition that you have been searching for. The key thing to remember here is that we all need help with eating better, there is no way that you can possibly get all of your needed nutrients in one day. That's where knowing what supplements are right for you come in but, this can be over whelming as well.

It can also make life a lot easier when it come to getting the right nutrients for your body. This is another way I try to help clients out, some comply others see no need. If you want to succeed you must do everything with in your control to get the desired results. It seem like common sense but I battle with conventional knowledge, the information given to us all through life from the Tv, government, as well as other type of media. Must of which is not thoroughly researched not to mention the fact that you only hear half of the truth or none at all.

Striving for optimal health should be at the top of your to do list, if for no other reason than to not be a burden to those who you love. If it is with in your control it is your responsibility, but if you need help we can help you. Be open and willing to make some hard decisions and break the cycle.

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