Monday, June 22, 2009

Did You Have Your Greens Today?

Did you know that eating your greens will help you lose weight and will even increase the density of your muscle? Its true you can eat your way thin by increasing your green content. How? Well I am glad you asked, you can do it many of different ways one of which is to replace a whole meal with a green selection.

Like taking lunch and having a massive salad, I know what you are thinking "ah man a salad, I will be hungry again in an hour". Well whether this is true or not depends on the person and the salad, you can dress it up a bit make it stick to your ribs. Add extra virgin organic olive oil, hard boiled egg, turkey bacon and strawberries just to name a few.

Next way is to supplement your greens, which is one of the things I like to do. By using an organic solution to this problem you are ensuring that you are getting the highest quality of greens from the purest source around. Doing this will make you feel awesome, it beats a cup of coffee any day of the week. There are supplements from Garden of Life and LivingFuel if you would like to know more well keep reading.

Then lastly make sure you have at least two serving of greens with dinner. Its only natural to eat a lot of green vegetables, your body was designed for it! Our ancestors did it and lived healthier lives, its true and documented you should do some research on it. If you are struggling to lose weight and you feel like you can't eat any better then you do, well I assure you you can! By eating more greens or going green for an entire week or two weeks if you think you are tough. Then watch the fat melt away, your welcome.

Check out this fine green supplement from living fuel!

LivingFuel SuperGreens

All natural, greens-based whole meal superfood

LivingFuel Rx SuperGreens is where it all began! It is the original Living Fuel product. An all-natural whole meal superfood in a nutrient-dense, calorie-restricted format, Super Greens is a whole, raw, complete, foundational superfood—a blend of organic, wildcrafted, and all natural foods that have been optimized with the most bio-available and usable nutrients in existence.

Complete Building Blocks and Fuel for Every Cell in the Body!

Super Greens is much more than your typical Greens drink. Super Greens has a nearly 2:1 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio and a 2:1 carbohydrate-to-fiber ratio. Plus it has numerous nutrients that support the stabilization of blood sugar levels. Therefore, you can mix in small amounts of any kind of juice or fruit and still not raise blood sugar levels significantly.

The Vegetables Inside

The organic vegetables and grasses in Living Fuel Super Greens have been carefully selected for the breadth and diversity of their healing properties. Barley is a great source of Vitamin A. Broccoli contains anti-cancer phytochemicals. Spinach is an excellent source of Vitamin C, A, and K. Kale contains beneficial carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which are related to eye health. Carrots have beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant. And spirulina has the highest concentration of beta carotene, Vitamin B-12, and the rare essential fatty acid, GLA. All of these vegetables are an excellent source of fiber (see Super Berry) and contain chlorophyll (the pigment that gives plants their green color), which is very cleansing and works to rid the system of heavy metals and other toxins that can damage our health. Learn more about our greens.

Each container of Super Greens contains 14 servings or 14 complete meals and up to 56 servings when used as a supplement.

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