Monday, June 29, 2009

Thinking Of Quality

If you are thinking of quality then welcome to a website, blog, business or a group of individuals dedicated to quality. Our quality is defined first by our un-dying love for our Creator, followed by our desire to follow Him in everything we do. How does this pertain to food or fitness? I am glad you asked!

If you knew me you would understand that for me quality is more than a slogan, its a desire to change every area of my life to be a servant of God and from there apply quality to my relationships, business practices, diet, and daily life. To do this I must apply myself to every situation no matter the complexity or who is involved. This is a labor of love done for Gods glory not my own. It is also a very difficult thing to do in any given thing that may interrupt our lives.

Why am I stating this? Because I want you to know that in everything seek Him! Even in diet and exercise, especially in diet and exercise. This is the foundations on which whole health is formed, well in my mind that is. Applying biblical principles to your body are a privilege that we should be honored to be a part of.

Understanding this, will help you not only achieve your goals but achieve them with quality no matter what they are. Whole health starts with loving God! I had a weekend that reminded me of this and has made my heart heavy thinking about friends that are having trouble in different areas of their lives. Whether you know God and go into a situation that you never thought you would enter into or blaming Him for your short comings. He is still God and deserves everything including praise, we are deserving of nothing not even health. There are no guarantees this much is for sure, but the love of God is a place to let yourself fall into with utter disregard for self and the thoughts of others. Take peace and live if you love God!

Get to know God in a personal way, making prayer and meditation with Him your first priority above everything else. He will give you resolve and peace in whatever you do so long as you are committed to Him.

Have a great day!

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