Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Motivation, A Valuable Resource

There are all kinds of motivations and I would like to address them in this order, spiritual, physical and mental. I like to this because your priority should always be spiritual first, then you can fill in the blank with your second and third.

Finding the right motivation is key to surviving in this world as it pertains to faith and physical ability. Spiritually speaking what motivates you? Is it:
- Relationships
- Growth
- Passions
- Money
- Job

You will notice that some of those items have nothing to do with spirituality, that was on purpose. Those are the things that get in the way of our motivation or the Motivator himself. I have written about this in the past and I feel it to be addressable again for many reasons. One reason is that we will let anything get in our way, if it is big enough, which is quite a statement when you consider how big our God is.

The second reason is we have goals in this life that have nothing to do with God or growth, is this a bad thing? It can be very bad to strive for and achieve goals away from God, knowingly or not. This will have you making millions of dollars or achieve fame, maybe just being recognized for all your hard work. What ever the reason, without a grasp on the reality of Christ you will achieve these "little" things as they cower to the God of all creation. You will be left empty searching and groping for happiness that does not exist with out spiritual motivation.

Self anylisis is one way to figure out what you are putting in front of God, an accountability partner is also a good way to keep your motivations in the right place. We spend a lot of time feeling sorry for ourselves when we should be on our faces before God evaluating our steps and making sure that they are ordered of Him.

Physical motivation comes at a premium, but its worth it. With the right type of motivation you can achieve some pretty amazing things. Like a promotion, a degree, your best time in a marathon, or serving your community. Physical motivation is more than just a good word from a friend, it is accountability.
Without accountability we waiver and resist our on motivation giving in early and not committing to excellence.

I happen to specialize in both types of motivation, notice I didn't say all three? The third area of motivation is mental, but I bet you didn't know that this one is well controlled by your spirituality? Maybe you did, either way having the right type of motivation in a personal trainer/nutrition specialist is quite rare.

This is why we are not only seeking God for ways to get the word out but continuing our education and spiritual motivation within. This will be reflective in the clients that we see and intern graduate from us with a renewed spirit, body and mind. I love my job and I am humbled by the people that come through this business. My growth has happened a lot through them, God is good.

If you have you motivations aligned what you are seeking will soon be revealed, but you must understand that you will have to walk through the valley of death. It will be hard, so get motivated, get accountable and be strong for the only reason to be strong, Jesus!

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