Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have been pursing my niche in this business with passion and a heart for God. I have also been very blessed with great clients that I have learned a lot from. This has brought me to a point where I want to change my goals in this business. Now if you will allow me I will share them with you in part.

I am gearing up to change the business name to Life Fitness Academy this name I think will be more of a representation of what I hope to do. Which is whole health, this is not that uncommon because I have been doing it anyway, but the business model is way different. We are looking to move to a new location where we can provide all the essentials in whole health care plus some other luxuries like maybe an organic juice and coffee bar. The goal here is to get into a place where we can educate people using holistic principle found in the Bible.

Doing this will allow for us to provide child care and do some more with whole food supplementation as well as have the gym open for zumba, boot camp and maybe yoga classes not to mention you can come in and get a work out when ever you want for a small monthly fee.

This vision I believe is from God and he will make the way straight as the doors open and the right building is found he will provide the money, equipment and the clients. I share this with you for your prayers and your support, if this idea sounds like it would be beneficial to you or you want to help out please let me know. God will do this its only a matter of time, thanks for reading and praying!

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